Skerries Water Safety Week

water safety 2013 and others 005
That encampment on the beach bears witness to the enduring popularity of Water-Safety Week in Skerries, Huge credit goes to the volunteers who for 65 years, have freely given their time to teaching young swimmers how to be safe in the water and how to help those in danger. It is also testament to the ingenuity of parents, mostly mothers as it happens, in devising ways of coping with the fickle Irish weather. This summer has been kind.
Parents locate swimming gear and towels, tents and shelters, spades and buckets, missing toddlers, swim schedules, food and drinks, to create this temporary village. They provide warmth and support to hundreds (370 approx) of eager participants to give them an unforgettable week. (I still have my badge somewhere, from 1955). The social value, for all the generations, of this great non-competitive event is incalculable. Many campers linger until darkness, reluctant to let go of the atmosphere. The sand will linger too, in car boots and sports bags, a reminder of a magical week in Skerries. Sincere thanks and congratulations to all involved.

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