Red Island Path erosion.

red island cliff 012 Red Island path Building props 008 Red Island path Building props 009 red island cliff 015 red island cliff 016 red island cliff 017 red island cliff 009 red island cliff 011

The pictures say it all. This section of Red Island has been protected in installments, over the years, by walls of various types, with varying degrees of success. The fallen concrete block bears the date 1934. The high wall in the background was built by Jack Grimes and his brother Fran, in the late 1930s, using the stones from the old Saint Patrick’s Church in Church Street. It has stood up well for eighty one years.

However, the section east of the steps,has not done so well. The recently added, castellated and elegant stone wall has probably been fatally undermined by the storms and high tides of the past two or three years.The sloping bedrock seems to direct the waves upwards to the softer, fractured rocks above. The clay is vulnerable to every heavy shower of rain.

The path, the most popular walking route in Skerries, shows a central crack stretching along the entire length of the wall. The seaward side of the crack is subsiding and canted towards the cliff edge. In a short time the path and wall will  inevitably, fall away. Rock armour, as used on other parts of our shoreline, would probably protect the base of the cliff, allowing for remedial action to brace and support the wall, while protecting the path.. A stitch in time and all that…

Easter monday 2014 breakwater 010 Business card and springboards in bits 011 Business card and springboards in bits 012 Easter monday 2014 breakwater 001

The White Wall is about 200 years old, the most graceful and effective coastal defence of them all.

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