Hugh Fitzgerald Ryan

Rome 2012 014

I’m one of a family of seven, the middle child, as it happens. I now have eight grown up children and ten grandchildren. (Margaret and I married young.) I entered the educational system in 1946 and remained there for fifty one years in one guise or another, as a student and as a teacher. By and large I enjoyed the whole business.
My main interests were always drawing, painting, reading and writing. I have been a life-long swimmer and recently clocked up sixty years of open sea swimming competition in Skerries. I haven’t got much better over the years but the feeling of well-being never fails.
I had my first novel, The Kybe published in 1983. I found that I particularly liked historical fiction and subsequently produced: Reprisal, On Borrowed Ground, Ancestral Voices, with Wolfhound Press, and Vandamere Press, USA, in the case of Ancestral Voices and In the Shadow of the Ombú Tree with Chaos press, Ireland. My most recent publication is
The Devil to Pay Lilliput Press, Dublin. I have a novel, Landfall ready to go and hope to publish soon. The stories are set in a variety of periods-Elizabethan, Napoleonic, 19th century Uruguay and Ireland and early 20th century Ireland. All but the last novel are available from
Two have been adapted for film. I live in hope. I also enjoy talking and reading with writers’ and readers’ groups around the country.
When I retired in 1997, I became a grandfather. That brought another dimension to our lives. Retirement has been a busy and immensely satisfying time. It has given us the freedom to travel a little and a lot of opportunities to enjoy the younger generation. So far so good. I hope to continue writing, blogging, painting and trying to make myself useful for a while yet.

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73 Holmpatrick, Skerries, Co. Dublin, Ireland. 00353 (0)1 8490820


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